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"We ensure our customers have a safe and comfortable trip."

We provide all sorts service

  • Local transport in Puttaparthi and Bangalore area.
  • Pick ups and drop offs at Bangalore and Chennai airports.
  • Trips from / to any place in (South & North) India at kilometre price.

However any kind of car can be delivered on request, you can choose from a variety of cars

  • Normal car with / without airconditioning for 4 persons
  • Van (Tata Sumo) with / without airconditioning for 5 persons
  • Mini bus with / without airconditioning for 14 persons
  • Group bus with / without airconditioning for 35 persons

Car price list

**Prices for mini bus, group bus and / or any other type of car are provided on request.

Type of
To / from Bangalore airport to Puttaparthi (one way drop) To / from Bangalore City to Puttaparthi Around Majestic and M.G.Road (one way drop)
Ford Ecosport Rs.3500/- Rs.4500/-
Shift Dezire 4 seater Rs.3500/- Rs.4500/-
Toyota Etious 4 seater Rs.3500/- Rs.4500/-
Renault Lodgy or Toyota Innova 6 seater Rs.5000/- Rs.6500/-
Tempo traveler 12 seater Rs.13500/- Rs.14500/-
Type of
To / from Bangalore Airport to Puttaparthi (same day return) To / from Bangalore City to Puttaparthi (same day return)
Ford Ecosport Rs.6000/- Rs.7500/-
Shift Dezire 4 seater Rs.6000/- Rs.7500/-
Toyota Etious 4 seater Rs.6000/- Rs.7500/-
Renault Lodgy or Toyota Innova 6 seater Rs.7500/- Rs.9500/-
Tempo traveler 12 seater Rs.13500/- Rs.14500/-


All prices include taxes, driver expenditure, toll fee and parking fees.

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